Introducing The Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program™

When it comes to your swing, how often have you been told, “Just let it happen?” Every golfer wants to do this but unless you learn how, you’ll end up using too much effort and getting frustrated.


Digital and instantly downloadable, my Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program will teach you how to “let it happen” in two ways. First, you’re going to learn about your specific personality traits and what you can do to make them work for you instead of getting in your way.Then you’ll learn how to get into the Zone for longer and longer periods of time through Hypnosis techniques.


Once you go through all seven days of my program, you’ll forget how to swing with effort. You’ll learn how to relax your body, focus precisely on each target, and you’ll experience how easy it is to just “let it happen” when you swing. Finally, you’ll know what those words really mean.

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How Can Golf Hypnosis Improve Your Game?

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This amazing program is a comprehensive coaching and activity plan each day for 7 days. You simply purchase the program and download ALL of the materials onto your personal device... INSTANTLY. (Apple users must stream from the site)
Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program™


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Jennifer Scott's Little Green Book
Here are Jennifer’s landmark mental insights, originally published in and “The Secret of Golf,” by George Peper. Her secret is Hypnosis – getting away from the jabber in your Conscious Mind. It has helped golfers of all abilities to lower their handicaps and love the game again.
Jennifer Scott – who teaches touring professionals, college competitors and weekend golfers – now offers you her Little Green Book FREE. You’ll read it over and over and then keep it handy in your golf bag.

Success Stories

Joe Daley

Winner, Senior Players Championship PGA Champions Tour

Bill Huffman


Kelly Tilghman


“Jennifer, Thank you for all your help throughout the years. I’m still using your techniques on a regular basis. People think I’m crazy when I tell them some of the stuff. But it works for me.”
“After one session with Jennifer Scott, I had my first hole-in-one!”
"I’m a believer!"

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