About Jennifer Scott

I’m the founder of The Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I guarantee you that my program will help you improve your swing, sink more putts, make more accurate drives, lower your scores, and enjoy the game more!
I have the honor of working with clients all around the world in order to help them with improving their game of golf. Those who use my 7-Day Golf Program will be guaranteed to see improvements in their game.

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How It All Began...

As the author of my audio CD,“Own the Zone,” I was gratified to receive a 5-star review in GOLF Magazine – especially because it was the first time audio Hypnosis products were looked at for golf improvement. Mine was deemed “the best of the batch.” Shortly after that I was interviewed on The Golf Channel which triggered a flurry of orders from all over the world. Orders continue as well as positive feedback from both golfers and golf coaches.
I’m also honored to be in the good company of some of the most significant golf teachers in the past 100 years. We each have a chapter in George Peper’s landmark book, “The Secret of Golf.” My chapter, “The Case for Hypnosis” is one of the 13 secrets highlighted on the back cover of the book. A few of these well-known heroes are Tommy Armour, Ben Hogan and Bob Rotella.
For the past 8 years, I’ve enjoyed teaching future golf professionals at the Golf Academy of America. I’m also teaching mind mastery to golf professionals on the Senior Tour, collegiate golf team members and aspiring amateurs.

How Far We've Come...

And now I’m excited about creating a new program that’s a crucial breakthrough in golf mental improvement. It combines all of my experience with Hypnosis and golf – along with a totally different approach: the identification of who you are, rather than how you swing. It’s called The Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program. It’s completely downloadable with both audio files for each of the 7 days plus a workbook to reinforce each day.
My Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program is a landmark advance in golf’s mental game. It will be important to golfers regardless of their skill level.